Bhaji is our specialty at Khalsa Rasoyee. If you are unfamiliar with Bhaji, this page will help you understand what's inside, and more.

Bhaji is made up of 7 items: 

What is Bhaji?

  • Ladoos
  • Baloo Shahee
  • Goglay/Gulgalay
  • Mithi Seerni
  • Shakar Paray/Korma
  • Matheea
  • Namkeen/Loon Seerni.

Bhaji is the traditional bag/box giving to wedding guests to celebrate the occasion.  While there are traditionally 7 items, there can be quite a bit of variety as personal preferences play a large part of the gift box. Combined, these are packaged in boxes or bags and given out to wedding guests, either at the Mayian or other functions around the day of the wedding.  Khalsa Rasoyee offers Bhaji in three different options, detailed below. 

Bulk Packaging

We have predetermined ratios to help you make the box you want, or you can use our sample box as a guide.  The individual weights or ratios can be customized to your preference.  If you choose to go with this option, please ask us for a guide on how much of each item to put in, otherwise, you may run short as home made bags tend to be a bit over 2lbs.  Home made bags or boxes can approach 2 1/2 lbs based on how they are packed and at that weight, prepacked boxes are less expensive and Thayleys are almost the same price.  

Prepacked Boxes

We make custom boxes, usually in 2lb but can be adjusted to the weight you prefer.  The box option is ideal for handing out in halls or other places were space is limited.  They stack nicely and when received, are easy to manage for your guests.  Namkeen Seerni and Matheeya are packed separately in the box to ensure freshness.

Prepacked Thayleys

The traditional Punjabi sweet bag, we can build these for you in 2lb sizes or customized to your preferences.  Namkeen Seerni and Matheeya are packed separately in the bag to ensure freshness.  The bag is also double lined so sugar particles don't come through.  These are a great option if time is a premium for you.  Most families will take these on the day of the function so they don't have to store them at home.  

Wedding Cards

When it comes to weddings, Ladoos are the traditional sweet handed out with the wedding cards, usually a month to a month and a half before the wedding.  

We can also do custom boxes with different combinations of sweets.  Besan, Barfi, Gajraylah, etc..  

If you want to learn more about Bhaji or place a custom order, contact us today.